1. Prices are shown in EURO currency (€) and are quoted VAT EXCLUDED. VAT has to be added to the net invoiced taxable value. We decline any responsability for any mistake in prices due to misprint or clerical error.
  2. Goods are sold EX-FACTORY and are carried at the purchaser’s own risk. For goods sold free delivery only european community charge 10% on value with minimun € 200,00 for order.
  3. Orders are valid only if our confirmation of order is returned with the acceptance signature by fax or e.mail.
  4. Delivery terms are approximate and not binding. They can be subject to delays due to production cycle or circumstances beyond our control; please duly note and check details stated on bottom of our proforma invoice.
  5. In the order confirmation the ESTIMATED DELIVERY DATE indicated is not subjected to complaints and penalties in case of delay in the delivery. When is requested payment in advance, the production will not start until such payment will be received in our bank.
  6. For any dispute the place of jurisdiction is the COURT OF PESARO – ITALY.
  7. Property of the goods belongs to the supplier untill the amount of the invoices has been fully paid.
  8. Possible differences in the colour of finishing are unavoidable and do not depend on our will. Finishing carried out at different times can never match exactly. Therefore, we can not be held responsible for any differences. The colours shown in the pictures are approximate, as we can not guarantee printing faithfulness.
  9. Fabrics shown on photographs are not manufactured by our company. Therefore we decline any responsability in case of line discontinuance by the manufacturer. Also we take no responsability for returning surplus fabrics by customer (C.O.M.). A s regards the orders of Customer Of Material the production will start as soon as the order confrimation will be field in with supplier name and reference of each item.
  10. Decorative Cushions on photographs are not included in the shown price. They have to be calculated separately in the appropriate price list collection.
  11. Bedspreads are not included in the prices of beds. They have to be calculated separately as per list in the appropriate price list collection.
  12. ELEMENTS srl. Reserve the right to modify their products, measurements and structural features at any time, in order to upgrade the product for new technologies and production needs.
  13. Request for non-standard, out of th eprice list items or finishings will be accepted only if accompanied by drawing clearly specifying measurements. They are subject to acceptance and confirmation with our quotation.
  14. WARRANTY: duration of the warranty, except in the case of consumer, is twelve (12) months from the date of delivery. The warranty will not apply if the prices has not been fully paid. The warranty is not applicable if the instructions on the product info sheets and assembly instructions for installation, assembly, proper use, safety, maintenance and cleaning are not observed. Product info sheet can be downloaded from the product from the product info sheet of our web site, or can be requested via mail at Assembly instructions are provided together with the goods. The goods being supplied are not certified under the terms of art. 8 and 10 of Italian ministerial decree date 26/06/1984 and amendments by Decree of 03/09/2001 (material homologation for the purpose of fire preventional). Slight variations in product colours, mesaurements or appearence are not to be considered faults. Under the terms of art. 131 of Italian Law No. 206/2005 and later amendments, the purchaser’s right of recourse against ELEMENTS srl is hereby excluded if the purchaser is held responsible by a consumer or any other intermediary subject for a conformity fault that can be attributed to an action or omission by ELEMENTS srl. The purchaser hereby renouces recourse against ELEMENTS srl.
  15. PRIVACY: In observance of the regulations relating to the treatment of personal details (Art. 13 Italian leg. Decree 196/2003) we inform you that your details wil be handled for the purposes of administrative/accounting management.
  16. PACKAGING: Prices include standard wrapping. Our items will be packed in the more suitable and convinient way for transport. For special packaging or assembled items supplies can be agrred each time with prior approval of the selling company and with the price surcharge: In wooden crates: 7% on the value of goods In wooden cases: 12% on the value of goods

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